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To truly see Kyoto, walk, bike or take a train through the historic Japanese city
There it was on a map provided by a bike-rental shop, just a short walk from the Eizan line, one of the city's charmingly ... Instead of walking, biking and riding Kyoto's working museum of train lines, they turn to taxis (expensive and slow) and buses.

Autumn Fire in the Mountains: The Momiji Tunnel to Kurama and Kibune
Eiden is Kyoto’s northern electric rail line (Eizan Dentetsu, unabbreviated) servicing the smaller communities of Sakyo-ku, including the villages of Kibune and Kurama, and the foot of Mt. Hiei. The station of origin is Demachiyanagi, with the Yase.

Travel on Tateyama -Korobe Alpine route - Kanazawa Forum
We will be in Kanazawa, will it be ok to travel from Kanazawa in the morning or would it be better to stay at Toyama? We will be going on to Matsumoto. That should be fine, though start the day early from Kanazawa as you need to change Dentetsu train at.

Hotfoot it to a temple of cool
According to Eizan Dentetsu Co., which operates a train from Demachiyanagi to Kurama via Kibune, 520,000 people visited Kibune and the next stop, Kurama, last year, 133,000 of them in July and August. Fujitani, who was born and raised in Kibune.

Hakuryukan: a Secret Garden in Kyoto
The nearest station is Eizan Dentetsu's "Ninose" Station ... Price: 2000 yen ("Hakuryuen Special Viewing Ticket", which is a combination of 1 day's worth of train fare as well as the entrance fee. The train fare is good for the whole day, and allows.

Eizan Electric Railway to Hold a Train for February's "Kinmoza Fest"
Eizan Dentetsu Railway (shortened to "Eiden" by the locals) is a small two-track company operating solely in Kyoto, but hardcore anime fans may be aware of the name. That's because, despite its size, it's known for its collaborations with the manga and.

Mount Kurama
A half-hour train ride from Demachiyanagi Station in central Kyoto ... From Demachiyanagi Station in downtown Kyoto, take the Eizan Dentetsu Line to Kurama station.

Beloved ‘green frog’ train makes final 'hop' in Kumamoto
KUMAMOTO--Railway fans from across the nation packed onto a train platform ... the train to travel at higher speeds. The 5000-series trains were eventually phased out in favor of more modern and lighter trains, with Kumamoto Dentetsu’s train the last.

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