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HAINAN ISLAND ( Sanya, Haikou and Li Villages)
Conde Nest Traveler has called Hainan “Hawaii without the Honolulu high-rises ... cook rice in a hollow piece of bamboo which gives it a distinctive flavor. Their homemade wine is very distinctive. The like to sing and dance when they drink it.

Tinikling: Traditional bamboo dance of Philippines
After the Spanish colonization in Philippines, a practice was established among the common Filipinos to perform a traditional folk dance, which is nowadays known to the world as Tinikling; the traditional bamboo dance of Philippines.

Westx1000: Beaches, Beers and Balut
Because what the Philippines really have to offer at its core are generous, driven people with loud mouths and soft eyes. As far as I’m concerned, everyone here loves to sing. Everyone loves to dance ... suited vacation (not adventure) in Honolulu.

The 22 Best Tiki Bars in America
The Mai-Kai opened in 1956 and hasn’t stopped the tiki torches, garden waterfall, live shows of Polynesian dance, and flaming scorpion ... Thai, Polynesian, Filipino, Cantonese, Hawaiian, and Japanese flavors, all served in themed dining rooms.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · 6
WANT AD SERVICE CALL 2311 THE HONOLULU ADVERTISER ... the native knife dance. Joy June Valderrama will dance and sing a Tagalog kundiman or melody, "Balisay Ng Pagibig" and the Filipino bamboo dance "Tinick-ling" will be performed by Pearla Gavino and.

The Philippines is in the heart
He went to Hawaii in the 1930s at ... white teacher who had been in the Philippines for about five years because her husband was stationed in the military. For International Week, she had us do the tinikling (bamboo dance). I didn’t even know how to.

Field Guide: Filipino Fun
This year’s theme is “Filipino Then and Now,” which includes a pictorial history of Filipinos in Hawaii. Festival mainstays include ... the center is bustling with members participating in martial arts, dance, art, music, language and computer.

Orlando Valentin kept culture alive
Orlando Valentin, retired director of the dance company, died Friday in Honolulu. He was 80. Roland Casamina, president of the Filipino Community Center ... Pat Valentin taught the girls the tinikling (bamboo) dance and the children captured first place.

Tekniq Tuesdays Tinikling Filipino Dance Academy Summer 2016
Even though it says that the end date of the event is today (July 5, 2016) our Tekniq Tuesdays Tinikling Filipino Dance Academy Summer 2016 will actually run through all the way until the end of August! Thanks to all of those you came through and check it.

Liwayway Nora Angeles
Toting and I are both from Morong, Rizal, Philippines, so we grew up in the same town and ... I even had an opportunity to go to Hawaii (Honolulu) twice in 1973 and 1976 when chosed by the Department of Education Supervisor, to attend courses there.

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