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Rare views on Rapa Nui: an Easter Island adventure
On the plus side, the five-hour flight from Santiago is considered a domestic trip ... these fields as a campsite to allow visitors appreciate the island beyond Hanga Roa, the only town, where nearly all other accommodation is located.

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Keeping a Culture Afloat
There are four flights each week at ... In the process, however, Hanga Roa risks becoming just another Chilean town. Chileans are currently as free to come to Easter Island as Americans are to move to Hawaii.

Hanga Roa Journal; As World Crowds In, an Island Shields Its Culture
HANGA ROA, Easter Island— The topography is like the political ... or moai, to an exhibition in Hawaii. Many islanders are openly challenging the Government in Santiago, demanding control over their land; the use of their native language, Rapa Nui.

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Flying to Easter Island
a day where I feel like I've entered a whole new world - meaning that I left Santiago bright and early for a flight to Easter Island ... Walking in to Hanga Roa honestly made me feel like being back in Hawaii. You're surrounded by pristine jungle, and.

Where to experience Hawaii in the Bay Area - San Jose Mercury News
If we've learned anything from “The Brady Bunch,” it's that a trip to Hawaii involves sand, surfing, airport leis, ukuleles, luck-laden tiki idols and an addlebrained Vincent Price lurking in caves. ... You can get all that without the airfare right.

flights to easter island from Tahiti - Hanga Roa Forum
Does anyone know if there are flights from Tahiti to Easter Island? If so what airline operates them. Alternatively are there any ships which you can use to get to Easter Island from either Tahiti or NZ. Is there any flight from NZ to Easter Island.

Easter Island - Our Arrival, Ahu Tahai, Club Sandwich, and Piroto Henua
In what I would consider a great stroke of luck, when I booked our flight to Hanga Roa, I noticed how cheap the business class fare was, so I just jumped on it. The prices for business class on the return was somewhat prohibitive, so that was a no-go.

Exploring the Mystery of Easter Island
The majority of flights depart from Santiago ... The airport is within walking distance of the main town, Hanga Roa. But nearly every accommodation on the island offers free shuttle service to/from the airport, greeting you with a flower lei.

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IPC (Hanga Roa) to BTR (Baton Rouge) Flights
Here at Expedia.com, we’ll pair you up with IPC to BTR flights that won’t make your bank account wince. Ready to temporarily leave behind Hanga Roa for new horizons? Browse through our cheap airfare, and filter by flight times and dates until you find.

Exploring the Remote Wilds of Easter Island
From Santiago, Chile, it’s a nearly five-hour flight to Easter Island ... seven-mile wide triangle-shaped island. The capital, Hanga Roa, is the only semblance of a modern-day town—with a handful of lodges, restaurants, cafes, dive shops and souvenir.

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