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What to do In Puerto Rico - The Local Secrets
Passionate, to say the least, we feel very proud of our island, culture, and heritage and most of us enjoy sharing that with travelers. Spend one night out with locals and you’ll learn more about the real Puerto Rico than any travel guide could ever tell.

New book tells the story of a LF farm girl's rise to the Pentagon - Morrison County Record
Hall advised the chief of various matters that ultimately would affect training and utilization, the health of the force and the professional development of more than 427,000 enlisted National Guard soldiers and airmen in the United States, the.

Nine budget-friendly hotels on beautiful islands - USA TODAY
Does the mere thought of an exotic island vacation cause dollar signs to form in your eyes? It's true, the crystal-clear blue waters, powdery (or even pebbly) sand, swaying palms and creative cuisine can come at a high price. The key word there.

Puerto Rico is sending a statehood delegation to Congress, but getting them seated is another story - Daily Kos
Puerto Rico is sending a statehood delegation to Congress, but getting them seated is another story ... This group of seven will soon travel to Washington, D. C. and ask to be seated as the congressional delegation for the state of Puerto Rico. ... On.

'Malama Honua,' Hawaii says, as it becomes first state to pass laws supporting Paris accord - Washington Post
When the traditional Hawaiian canoe Hokule'a set sail four years ago, the wayfinders on board — men and women navigating the open sea by a map of stars — vowed to seek a renewed sense of self and share with the world a treasured message: Malama&nbsp.

Honolulu's Rapid Transit Crisis - CityLab
At the time, the planned 20-mile elevated electric train line was expected to ease traffic congestion on Hawaii's most densely populated island by 18 percent, with the first trips planned for 2017. Fast forward six years and the still-sputtering.

A snapshot of Guam before US-North Korea conflict and now - WTHR
Hawaii is about 4,000 miles (6,500 km) to the east. Its proximity to China, ... While already taking up 30 percent of the island , the American military has been seeking to increase its presence by relocating to Guam thousands of Marines who are.

What’s on your travel bucket list?
South America: Adventures await A trip to the Galapagos Islands tops many a bucket list ... Africa boasts a myriad of different travel experiences. One is Morocco, and Gate 1 Travel is offering savings of $150 per person on its 13-day Kaleidoscope of.

What's Next in the Fight for Puerto Rico Statehood? - NBCNews.com
Players from Puerto Rico cannot have it both ways Albany Times Union.

The Ghost of Climate-Change Future - The Atlantic
The phenomenon, known as a king tide, is actually a convergence of a few different factors: high lunar tides, rising sea levels associated with last year's strong El Niño and climate change, swirling pockets of ocean eddies, and a robust south swell.

Hawaii's Epic Lava Leak Could Bring New Life to the Big Island's Waters - The Atlantic
At the time of the eruption, there weren't enough of these other nutrients in the water for phytoplankton to flourish, but if the eruption had occurred earlier in the year, when nitrates and phosphates were plentiful, Achterberg expects he would have.

JetBlue Two-day Sale Has Flights Starting at $49 - Travel+Leisure
JetBlue is having another two-day sale, with one-way fares starting at $49. It's a good opportunity to plan a fall getaway. The cheapest flights are between Long Beach and San Jose, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale, and Puerto Rico and St. Croix. (Caribbean.

More People Are Now Exempt From Trump's Travel Ban - The Atlantic
Travel ruling paves way for more refugees, but appeal awaits WSB Radio.

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