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Eurostar Tickets and Rail Tours
Super-fast, comfortable Eurostar trains make travel between London and the continent a joy. And because you go from city center to city center, you save time and stress compared with air travel and give the environment a break at the same time. Hop on.

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Your balance can be topped up from your current account – again, virtually instantly. And if you lose or misplace the card, you can also “freeze” it immediately, and unfreeze it when you find it again. If lost, Monzo says it dispatches a replacement in.

How Cities Need to Rethink Their Infrastructure
In this Slate Extra podcast, which is exclusive to Slate Plus members, Chau Tu talks with Grabar about what cities can do to adapt to the fast-changing climate ... in cars to prepare them to be hit by trains. So one problem is how do we make sure that.

Two new train models in Japan will travel at speeds of 360 and 500 km/h -
The new model, whose first prototype will have 10 coaches, will be considerably faster than JR East's E5 series, currently the fastest Shinkansen in operation, travelling at speeds of up to 320km/h to connect Tokyo with the northern region of Tohoku.

From London to the south of France: when trains are cheaper than a flight - The Guardian
Our family of four would pay a reasonable £242 for return Eurostar tickets from London to Paris, from where they can pick up a train to Spain's second-largest city, with fares starting at €59 (£50) per person each way for the 667-mile journey . The low.

16 things you didn't know about driving a Eurostar train (the salary is £65000 but you can't go to the loo) -
The majority of the time the train is travelling so fast that physical signage outside lining the tracks is useless, which is why the signals appear on an electronic monitor in the cab. Only on the final approach to Paris - and London - do old.

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them know that staff were ready to greet them at the airport terminal to assist with their travel arrangements. All passengers were later given the all clear and British Airways has informed them they will be able to travel on a replacement flight.

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Why can 't planes fly in the heat? Hot air is less dense than cold air, meaning aircraft require more engine power to generate the same thrust and lift as they would in cooler climes. The conclusions are in part logistical and in part safety, as author.

Eurostar looks to the future with new e320 trains - CNN
London to Paris in just two hours: Eurostar unveils new state-of-the-art 200mph train that will slash journey time ... Daily Mail.

Bullet train would only reduce travel time for elites
More trains ... in a fast-growing country like India, is seldom transformative, ie, it doesn't shift traffic from one mode to another. It rather has an additive impact which means it results in an increase of traffic for all modes of travel.

The 10 Fastest Trains in the World - Condé Nast Traveler
Traveling Europe by train is already faster than by plane right now, and just last year a Japanese train reached 374 mph on a test track, covering 1.1 miles in 10.8 seconds and hitting a new world record. You can 't ride that one just yet, but there are.

Eurostar launches direct service from London to Amsterdam - AOL UK
Eurostar Snap hosts flash sale with seats to Paris and Brussels for just £19 - but you'll need to book quickly

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