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Melbourne Cup field: Live barrier draw from Flemington - The Australian
“We can ride him from the front or back so hopefully two miles is a long way,” he said. ..... It was a terrific ride from jockey Mark Zahra, who settled the horse near the tail of the field before charting a course along the inside rail to win in the.

Three days, two oceans and one hell of a train - Australia's Indian Pacific
We'd waited as long as we could, but by 4.45pm there was nothing ... seating plans") as we contemplated what lay ahead - the greatest of Australia's long-distance train journeys - and eyed the other passengers, almost overwhelmingly Australian and of.

London To The Ashes Without Flying: The Remarkable Story Of Oddball Ed Miller - The Sportsman
The average England cricket fan travelling to Brisbane for the first Ashes Test would have endured a cramped flight featuring crying babies and a battle for the arm rest with an Australian who spent the entire 23 hours in the air telling all and sundry.

'I fear I'll be disappointed when I get back to Ireland again' - Irish Times
Australia is hardly nirvana. Plenty of people have it tough here. But for the most part, you are welcome to come if you are prepared to work hard; and if you get a decent job, you'll do alright for yourself. Our much-vaunted mining boom is on the.

Sydney to Brisbane in an HOUR: Hyperloop train ferrying passengers at speeds of 1,000km/h to slash travel time between the two cities
director of Ultraspeed Australia, says it could also serve as a freight solution, Courier Mail reports. 'It can be designed as a commuter solution as well as a long-distance route,' Mr Artis said. A connection between Sydney and Canberra is the first.

Take the Most Beautiful Train Ride in the US for $97 - Travel+Leisure
Disembarking from Seattle, Washington and running all the way to Los Angeles, California, Amtrak's Coast Starlight line shows travelers the most beautiful views of the Pacific coast. And the best part is, tickets start at only $97 for a one-way trip.

Queensland election 2017 live: Palaszczuk shuts down new coal-fired power station talk - The Australian
“Today has been a long time coming. “It will mean car that ... Citing a government report, he said freight trains travelling north to Cairns were stymied by the bottleneck and freight costs could drop by 2 or 3 per cent if the 17km stretch was.

Rail passengers face second day of delays after Waterloo derailment - The Guardian
Passengers face delays on trains travelling across the Pennines and up to the north-east of England. Services to ... Tuesday's train derailment outside Waterloo station and a separate points failure nearby were still causing significant problems on.

Amtrak's $630m Trump budget cut could derail service in 220 US cities - The Guardian
The National Association of Railroad Passengers warned Trump's proposed budget cuts to Amtrak 'wipes out funding for long - distance train service in over 220 cities and towns and in 23 states that will lose train service completely”. Photograph: Alamy.

10 of the best railway stations in Britain - The Guardian
Nowhere is British railway architecture so honoured as in Huddersfield, one of the few stations fit to rank with the great union terminuses of the continent. Sir John Betjeman declared it “the most splendid facade in England”. The main entrance.

Streamlined: Fewer stops means 'more trains more often' - Daily Telegraph
Lorraine Duffy, the chief executive at Parking Australia , the national association for the parking industry, said more needed to be done to provide people with viable parking and travel options in Penrith, but also St Marys and Emu Plains stations.

Colorful Maps from 1914 and 2016 Show How Planes & Trains Have Made the World Smaller and Travel Times Quicker
But we don’t have to go back very far to get a sense of just how truly painful long-distance travel used to be. Just step back a hundred years or so when—unless you were a WWI pilot—you traveled by train or ... inland Australia, or Tibet might.

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