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It’s life on the run for the Harriers
and on Saturdays they travel to places such as Bayshore Boulevard, the Upper Tampa Bay Trail or Flatwoods running trails. Many parents come along to run or ride bikes alongside the youngsters as they train. Bly says that cross-country running is a low-cost.

WNC’s best-known emcee, Joe Bly starts 3rd career at 87
“Mama’s uncle was a dentist on Pack Square; her dad had passed away,” Bly said. “This uncle decided to go to Billings, Montana to practice in 1917, and my mother and grandmother went with them.” They traveled west by train, and Bly remembers.

Woman of the World: The Story of Nellie Bly - Chapter 11
There was another crowd in her hometown of Pittsburgh, and in Philadelphia, where her mother boarded the train to travel to Jersey City. There, on January 25, 1890, Nellie Bly stepped off the train at exactly 3:51 p.m. The time of her journey: 72 days.

Atlantic City-to-New York by rail more trek than trip on NJ Transit
between New York and Atlantic City that bore the Nellie Bly moniker. The NJ Transit rail route between Atlantic City and New York is anything but express. As the Bellinos and their travel companions would find out, it requires a series of transfers.

Yesteryears: Around the World in 80 Days, Part I: Taking aim at a record
When a new railroad line was finished in India in 1870 that connected the entire subcontinent, the global circle of travel ... of 1889, Bly and Bisland were well-known writers. A year before, Bly had proposed the idea for trying to break Train’s around.

72 Days, Six Hours, and 11 Minutes: How a Pioneering Journalist Won a Race Around the World in 1889
Even if she could travel alone, he said ... he chartered a private train from San Francisco, and by January 21, Bly was speeding east. In the meantime, a misunderstanding in England meant that Bisland missed her ship across the Atlantic.

Northfield City Council to discuss possible intercity regional passenger rail line
However, Rep. David Bly (DFL-Northfield) said that technological advances now enable light rail cars to travel on regular rail lines, which creates far less noise.

Travel Gear for the Wandering Expat
We recently read about Nellie Bly, a newspaper reporter ... Nellie traveled by ship, coach and train. She packed light out of principle, not because she had to deal with baggage limits. Today, most world travel is via airlines that definitely have baggage.

Port of Astoria asks city to shore up tracks for freight traffic
He said Astoria Plywood Mill was the last major freight rail customer in Astoria. A three-car freight train from Portland & Western carrying undersea fiber optic cables in 2003 was the last to travel to the ... a mile. Rece Bly, a retired attorney and.

Apollo Historical Society will honor Nellie Bly at 151st birthday celebration
Bly was a groundbreaking investigative reporter and later became an industrialist, inventor and charity worker. The Apollo Historical Society will sponsor a 151st birthday celebration for ... research about her and her travel.” Ellen Mahoney, author.

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