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San Diego? 'I do': Vistas make for a grand but simple wedding
People come from all over the country and all over the world, and they want to get married in the sand," says the Rev. Renate Daversa, Grant Daversa's wife and fellow minister. Ten years ago, the two of them eloped to Catalina Island, so they understand.

'No... I mean, yes!' Walmart employee's shock as her ex-husband PROPOSES 43 years after their divorce
A shocked Renate Stumpf, 75, then revoked her response adding: 'Yes, but not today.' She apparently hadn't seen her teenage sweetheart, Louis Demetriades, for around 43 years after their first marriage ended. While his ex-wife was stacking shelves and.

West Virginia editorial roundup
Those complaints came from health policy advocate Renate Pore, who also said, "I think work is important for people, but I don't think we should be doing it by withholding health insurance." But no one is suggesting withholding health insurance from those.

How the Corvair’s rise and fall changed America forever
This is an excerpt from Engines of Change: A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars, published this month by Simon & Schuster. However it unfolds, this year’s U.S. presidential election is unlikely to be as close as the one America experienced in.

Miami is where wrestling started for WWE NXT’s Nia Jax
Born in Hawaii, her family moved to San Diego where she later starred ... she’s a natural in the wrestling ring.” - Going back to Miami Nia Jax will bring that natural talent to Miami-Dade County (where it all started for her) as NXT invades the.

Bless you, children
Faith in you restored, I can blog again without feeling like it’s just me and Wilson on a deserted island. I’ll still be chatting soon with the IT people about this, but the apparatus on how to leave comments to posts has changed, along with the look.

Bay Area arts and entertainment picks, Jan. 4
This psychological drama by playwright David Mamet is an extended dialogue between a radical lesbian inmate and a prison official on the day of the anarchist’s possible parole. Presented by Theatre Rhino. 2 and 7 p.m. Sunday; 8 p.m. Wednesday-Friday; 3.

Prehistoric Crustaceans Produced Sperm Larger than the Animals Themselves
New research based on microfossils of these ancient creatures, led by Dr. Renate Matzke-Karasz in Munich, shows that a male’s sperm may have been even larger than the animal itself. And ostracods aren’t the only animals to produce mega-sperm.

800‐255‐3050: Hot Line For Foreign Visitors
“They are looking for youth hostels and other cheap accommodations,” said 25‐year‐old Mrs. Renate Overstreet ... through an Indian reservation in Arizona. The other, on vacation in Hawaii, wanted to know how he could arrange to get married over.

Hagerty Has A Brilliant Plan To Get People Interested In Vintage Cars: Let Them Drive Them
Of all the insurance companies I can think of—the one with the lizard or that girl or that talking box, or whatever—there’s really only one that seems to give a damn about people’s interest in vintage cars. The company is Hagerty, and, let’s be.

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