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15 facts you did not know about Hawaii
8. Gambling is illegal in Hawaii. If you’re looking to make a trip to a casino during your Hawaiian vacation, you came to the wrong place (try the ninth island, instead!). Hawaii doesn’t have casinos, nor does it allow for gambling onboard a ship.

American Women Rescued From Sea Stick With Their Story: ‘You Would Say the Same Thing I Did’
A U.S. Navy ship eventually brought them back to dry land. Upon rescue, they claimed daily distress calls went unanswered and that at one point, tiger sharks bumped up against their boat. Related: Story of Two Americans Lost at Sea for Months Leaves.

Top Oahu Scuba Diving
Do you want to go scuba diving on vacation but ... just above the sea floor with only the smallest amount of physical exertion. Being underwater can calm ... Dive the Sea Tiger or the YO-257, some of Oahu’s premier deep wreck dives, followed by a shallow.

Mariners rescued after months lost at sea 'did not believe that we would survive another 24 hours'
Two civilian mariners rescued at sea by a U.S. Navy ship ... the women said they hope a ship rescues their sailboat, which was left adrift. The AP said the women want to repair the boat and sail it back to Hawaii.

Scuba Diving Encounters: Turtle Time, Oahu Hawaii
We encountered a green sea turtle — or Honu as the locals call them — while scuba diving the Sea Tiger wreck in Oahu, Hawaii. Check out the footage and learn a little bit about these amazing marine reptiles. Scuba Diving 1:00.

Women lost at sea for five months are already planning next boating vacation
Two women from Hawaii say they’re already planning their next boat trip despite being lost at sea for the last five months ... the Associated Press reported. A U.S. Navy ship later retrieved the two women and transported them to the White Beach Naval.

Vacations for retirees on a budget
Retirement may mean watching expenses, but it hardly requires giving up on vacation. Competition is fierce ... With two full days at sea, there’s also time to enjoy the ship, lounging by the pool at its quiet adults-only area, sampling the offerings.

Questions Arise About Women Rescued After Months at Sea
The two women spent months adrift at sea and ended up thousands of ... 900 miles southeast of Japan when a Navy ship rescued them last week, about five months after their engine failed on a trip from Hawaii to Tahiti, they said. “We honestly did not.

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