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Only 106 days to Christmas... so it's time to sort your train ticket! Tricks and tips to getting the best rail bargains around
But if you are planning to take a train over the ... off the price of an off-peak ticket price. Unfortunately the cost of peak time travel – often before 10am and between 3pm and 7pm – is not automatically covered by such cards. But for those that.

How much the cost of riding the Gautrain has changed: 2011 vs 2017
The cost of the required contact-less card was R10 ... as do substitute peak fees (o6:00 – 08:30 and 15:30 – 18:00). Off-peak fares also allow consumers to travel for cheaper than normal at less busy times (before 06:00 and after 18:00, and between.

How To Get Around New York City Like a Pro
NYC 7 Train in Queens ... you're best off opting for Uber or your favorite ride-hailing app. No matter where you are in the city, you'll likely be able to have a ride at your door within a maximum of five minutes, even at peak times.

Wellingtonians pay more than anywhere else in NZ for their public transport
The overall increase is part of a raft of changes proposed by Greater Wellington Regional Council, including discounts for tertiary students, off-peak travellers and blind ... the "disproportionate" benefits for train users compared with bus users.

Virgin Trains axe railcard perk for those travelling at peak-time – and it means some will see their journey price TREBLE
A spokesman for Virgin Trains, said: 'From 6th September rail card holders will no longer be ... allowed holders of qualifying railcards to travel on peak time trains using off peak tickets – the only train operator to do this.

Why you need to book your Christmas holiday train tickets now
In fact, when it comes to getting your travel tickets for the festive period, the sooner the better. Buying train tickets ... get money off if you’re travelling at peak times so it’s best to check that you’re covered before buying the card.

Auckland Transport stands firm on freezing Hop card money
He said people over 65 already need to buy a $10 Hop card and top it up with $5 to be able to travel free on off-peak times in Auckland ... 20 was put back onto my card both times. I have now become familiar with the train/bus system and use it regularly.

Changes to proposed rail timetable cause concern
An analysis by local train expert Leon Oberg shows proposed services will be slower and will run to later times in the new timetable for the Goulburn line. “A perusal of the draft timetable actually shows Goulburn to Sydney (Opal card) trains are slower.

It's not much fun being a sardine
Anyone who has travelled on it in recent months will be aware that it is getting uncomfortably crowded at any time ... train with a baby is not a good idea. One wonders whether the BTS could introduce a special cheap rate card only usable in the “off.

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