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War story: Oconee County Library plans presentation on WWII bomber and pilot
Cook died in 2005 and 10 years later when his memory surfaced in a restaurant in Germany, it was a complete shock to everyone at the dining table. Cosgrove and Davis – who both travel to Europe in search of World War II sites – were in Heimbach in the.

New 8,400 mile route will link London to Tokyo via train
Passengers might soon be able to travel from London to Tokyo on ... ending the antagonisms following World War II. The trip is one of great topographic value, with trains passing through Germany and Poland before entering Eastern Europe.

Olive Hachlowski was part of a wave of war brides that immigrated to the U.S. after WWII
After World War II ended ... to Europe as allied forces advanced on Germany. The couple barely saw each other until the spring of 1946, when Olive took a long seasick voyage across the Atlantic. After a long train trip, she arrived in Minneapolis on.

The World’s Most Famous Train
Seeing an average of 30 on-board proposals every year, a historic Venetian train is considered the most luxurious and romantic locomotive in the world. Used by the Nazis during World War II, the train ... looking for a unique travel experience with a.

Peace Train: The origins of World War I
World War ... and crush Russia. Germany's invasion of neutral Belgium brought England into the war on the side of France and Russia. Almost all military strategists thought the European war would be fierce but short. Kaiser Wilhelm II assured German.

Germany rejects Polish call for more WWII reparations
Berlin (AFP) - Germany on Friday dismissed Poland's threat to demand new talks over World War II reparations from Berlin ... The Philippines has welcomed Australia's offer to deploy troops to train Filipino soldiers, the defence ministers of the two.

Germany: 60,000 people evacuated as WWII bomb is defused in Frankfurt
The defusing of a World War II bomb on Sunday led to the largest evacuation in Germany so far in peacetime ... We were hungry and I was not allowed to train for a real job because we had so many small siblings.” Finally, we met Dr. Beatrix Heintze.

World War II Bomb Prompts Germany's Biggest Evacuation
North Korea declares H-bomb test 'a perfect success' FRANKFURT—German police were clearing buildings in the financial capital in the country’s largest evacuation since World War II after the discovery ... dropped over Germany during the six-year.

Travel Scene: Reminders of Cold War are hot attractions in Berlin
The Cold War which followed World War II ended decades ago, but in Berlin — the epicenter of the tensions between the Eastern and Western blocs — remembrances of it come back with clarity. Chief among those that are still prominent in Germany's capital.

African Americans Fighting Fascism and Racism, From World War II to Charlottesville
The Double Victory campaign, launched by the Courier in 1942, became a rallying cry for black journalists, activists and citizens to secure both victory over fascism abroad during World War II and victory ... is permitted to travel next to a white person.

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