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Dream Hawaii Airbnb rentals to help you ease into fall - GrindTV (blog)
Fall is officially here, and with the onset of cooler weather, shorter days and pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks comes, for many people, a dreaded realization: Winter is right around the corner. If the foreboding specter of declining temperatures and.

10 best spots for trailer & yurt camping - SFGate
If you're not an outdoorsy sort of person, the act of preparing for camping can seem daunting. With complicated tent setups and no fire-building skills to speak of, it may seem that you're better off staying at home. There are some ways to lower the.

£12 to sleep in a hammock, £18 for a night in a hut and £11 to rent a half-completed tree house: New 'anti-luxury' holiday rental site offers primitive properties for students
‘We really wanted to be the anti-luxury vacation rental site,’ Micheal Bolger ... The primitive properties on the site range from a tiny two-bed hut in a volcanic crater in Hawaii at £18 ($30) a night, a Mermaid Cottage in Del Norte Colorado for.

Where the wild hideaways are in Hawaii - Hawaiimagazine.com
A treehouse in a native rain forest. A relaxing commune of yurts . A bungalow on the beach. A mobile camper that allows you to retreat from mountain to sea at your leisure. When getting away to an oceanside resort on your favorite Hawaiian Island just.

Are Airbnb Rentals Covered by Homeowner's Insurance? Maybe, Maybe Not - Freepress Online
Since it started in 2008, Airbnb has become the largest online vacation rental site in the world, with over two million rentals available in 34,000 cities and 190 countries, according to their website. That includes more than 1,400 castles, if you're.

Quebec a Canadian haven for quirky hotels - SFGate
You can now bed down in yurts , tepees, hobbit houses, spheres suspended among trees, and glass geodesic domes for star watching in the forest. Sleep in a submarine, .... Or rent linens and pillows on site — SEPAQ believes in toothbrush-and-pajama.

Russia Just Released a Tourist Etiquette Guide and It's...Interesting - Condé Nast Traveler
It helps to be prepared, so that you know, for example, to arrive on time to an appointment in Germany or to leave the miniskirt at home on your next trip to Dubai. On the surface then, a new travel etiquette guide from Russia's Foreign Ministry for.

8 Airbnb Hawaii Rentals That Will Put Your Hotel To Shame - Huffington Post
Hawaii is a place like no other, so if you come to visit, why not stay in a home like no other. Picture yourself in a yurt , micro-house, tree house, or even a yacht on a mountain. That's right, a yacht on top of a mountain. Here are eight of the.

5 tiny houses to downsize your vacation - Fox News
Instead of jumping the gun on a six-figure cell, why not test the waters of small time living in one of these tiny house vacation rentals . From a tipi in the desert, to a tree house up in the sky, these unique vacations will bring your family closer to.

Ten Steps to Planning Your Dream Vacation
What are the chances your vacation could be rained out? October is also off-season in Hawaii, but if you visit the island of ... creative accommodations such as houseboats, treehouses and Yurts. (Still not quite sure what a Yurt is, but it sounds fun.

This Hotel Is Offering Camping in the Middle of Manhattan - Travel+Leisure
experience in the middle of the Big Apple. The property's new Outdoor Glamping Suite takes the camping experience to the 17th floor. From now through November, guests are able to book the experience, which includes a 12-foot yurt , rattan hanging.

These Are the Most Unique Camping Destinations in the United States - The Cheat Sheet
We've combed through all the coolest places in the United States to pitch your tent. Or you can rent a luxury yurt and try glamping if that's more your thing. Enjoy the great outdoors, connect with nature, and try something new. It's all possible when.

5 private islands you can rent on Airbnb for under $1,000
This private island eco-retreat promises a break from notifications against the backdrop of the stunning Sunshine Coast of British Columbia (which hasn't been fully discovered as a vacation destination — yet). You've got your choice of a yurt or tent.

Ten Steps to Planning Your Dream Vacation - Huffington Post
I say this because you may initially believe that $2,000 is all you can spare, but crunching the numbers by month can help you find ways to eliminate potential waste that can add to your dream vacation budget. (i.e. extra coffee shop visits, manicure.

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